The Influence Of Pyrolitic Degradation On Mechanical Properties Of Carbon Fibres Within Recycling Composite Materials

Michal Návrat, Jaroslav Závada, Veronika Glogarová


The article deals with the influence of thermal pyrolytic degradation on mechanical properties of carbon fibres used in the production composite material. Carbon fibre has been chosen as the reinforcement of composite and the resin formed a matrix (binder). During the pyrolysis process the resin was eliminated and the carbon fibre was separated. Pyrolysis was carried out at temperatures of 450, 550 and 650˚C. Subsequently also tensile tests were performed on the treated material to compare the mechanical properties of the fibres prior to pyrolysis and after decomposition. The results showed negative influence at the selected temperatures during the pyrolysis treatment on the mechanical properties of the carbon fibres.

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