Surface mines of mining area Žacléř – creating and using of financial reserves for remediation and reclamation

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Kristýna Černá
Jiří Mališ



Companies engaged in mining, are legally obliged to ensure remediation and reclamation of land affected by mining. Creation and use of financial reserves is subject to approval and control of the Mining Authorities. Methodology of creating financial reserves given the mining company itself and elect its own way a financial reserve forms.

In our paper we will describe methods of creating financial reserves specific mining company GEMEC Union for remediation and reclamation after coal surface mining. It will be chronological comparisons coal mining in the two quarries and include principles for creating and using financial reserves to remediation and reclamation.

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Kristýna Černá, Vysoká škola báňská - Technická unverzita Ostrava, Hornicko - geologická fakulta, Institut čistých technologií těžby a užití energetických surovin

junior researcher