NO2 seasonal and interannual variability in Ukrainian industrial cities

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Mykhailo Savenets
Liydmyla Nadtochii
Iryna Dvoretska


As huge number of factors drive NO2 variability in high-polluted cities and regions, which caused difficulties in its research and prediction, the paper aimed to define main features and principles of seasonal and interannual NO2 variations in Ukrainian industrial cities. Using ground-based measurements for 15-year period, it was shown weak NO2 seasonal variability that could intensify in case of three regularities act, which depend on redistribution between emission sources and natural or anthropogenic emissions growth. Most industrial cities are characterized by positive trends even if stationary industrial emissions fall. NO2 interannual changes forms under variety of fluctuations, where the biggest impact has 6.2- and 9.3-year periods and might be explained by low-frequent tidal forces through its influence on meteorological conditions.

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