For Authors


The submitted contributions are assessed by the Editorial Board, which also considers whether the contribution fulfills all the required criteria and whether its content respects the professional profile of the magazine. Contributions are accepted in English, and possibly also Czech language in electronic form (e-mail, CD).

Where contributions are submitted Czech language, the Faculty of Mining and Geology (HGF), VŠB-TUO will arrange their translation in English, and the translation expenses are further billed to the author of the contribution.

Contributions sent in in English language will be subject to English proofreading, which will be arranged by HGF, VŠB-TUO and translation expenses will be further billed to the author of the contribution.

Contributions that have been translated or proofread will be sent back to the author for approval.

The recommended total extent of one contribution (including the list of references, figures, graphs, and charts) is 20 standard pages in A4 format, i.e. 1800 characters including spaces per one page of text in Word application. Standard pages need to be determined for calculations of translation or proofreading costs, which will be determined based on the given parameters.

Contributions that are more extensive will be accepted pursuant to the decision of the Editorial Board.

All submitted contributions that have been approved by the Editorial Board are further subject to a review procedure (by at least two professional reviewers from the given subject areas). The Editorial Board reserves the right to decide whether an author’s contribution is to be published in the GeoScience Engineering magazine, and chooses the reviewers.

After all assessments from all reviewers have been received, and if the reviewers recommend the contribution for publishing, the Editorial Office passes the contributions to their authors for final revision. Unless the edited text returns to the Editor Office in the requested time period, the author’s entitlement for its publishing ceases.

Template and Application

Format and Structure

Contributions are accepted in electronic form in the .doc (MS Word) and .odt (Open Document Text) formats. Contributions must contain a section of text including incorporated figures, charts, formulas, maps, etc. Graphic elements of sufficient quality are to be submitted in separate files and need to be unsecured so that they can be opened for translating or editing purposes.

Format your contribution using this template [doc].

Do not write with hyphens, and do not use right alignment of rows. Use the Enter key only after the heading, at the end of a paragraph, and for inserting blank rows. Leave a margin of 3 cm at the bottom of each page, while other margins should be 2.5 cm.

Number the figures and charts, and write captions to them. There must be links in the text for all figures and charts. Formulas must be numbered only in case you refer to them later in the text.

Structure of the contribution:

  • name of the article in English and in Czech;
  • author(s) – authors of the contribution with all academic titles and the full first name (other names);
  • work address of the author(s), incl. email address;
  • abstract of up to 10 lines in English and in Czech;
  • key words only in English, max. 7 items;
  • the text of the contribution itself divided into chapters (usually the introduction, current state of knowledge, study methods, experimental data, discussion results, discussions, conclusion and acknowledgements – to the grant agency, sponsors, etc.). Do not number chapters, write headings without full points at the end;
  • list of references (examples given in the template);
  • Résumé in the extent of max. 1 standard page in A4 format in Czech language. English written résumé will be passed on for translation in compliance with the conditions given above.

Sending in Contributions

Use the attached form to submit your contribution to the Editorial Office. Fill in the necessary data and, together with the attached file (contribution) and with the files containing figures/pictures, send the application to the following e-mail address: If you require a confirmation of receipt, specify it in the text portion of the e-mail. Reviews and corrections of the text will be sent back to the corresponding author.


List of references is usually numbered. In case there are links to the names of authors used in the text, the list of references needs to be sorted alphabetically. The works quoted in the text can be homogeneously referenced to either by the number of the publication given in the list of references in square brackets, or they can be referenced to directly by the name of the author incl. the year (usually in brackets). In case of more than two authors of a publication the reference should contain only the first author’s name (without the first name or its abbreviation) + et al. (Prokop et al. 1995). Nevertheless, the list of references should contain all the authors. In case of two authors the reference should contain both the names (and the year). References to unpublished reports need to be restricted as much as possible.

Quotations marked in the text by “in print” can be listed in the list of references only provided that such article, referenced to in the press, has already gone through editing. Quotations such as “personal statement” shall be given in the text only.

Instrukce pro autory (v českém jazyce)