2007, Volume LIII, Issue No.2, ISSN 1802-5420
  • Biodegradation of PAHs, PCBs And PHC in Sediments from Černý Příkop (Czech Republic)

    Gabriela Lyčková, Radmila Kučerová, Peter Fečko, Iva Pečtová

    The thesis deals with the issue of biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls and petroleum hydrocarbons in the sediments sample from Černý příkop. The sediments of Černý příkop constitute an important environmental load for the territory of Ostrava City. The sediment differs from ordinary soil matters by its high content of natural organic substances; the TOC content is 37 %, to which the PAHs and PCBs primarily adsorb. Standard species of pure bacterial cultures of Pseudomonas putida and Rhodococcus sp. were used for the biodegradation. Regardless of the high efficiency of degradation of the monitored pollutants, the limit values, specified by the decree no. 294/2005 Coll. on conditions of storage of waste on dumps and its use on terrain surface, were not achieved. The conclusions and possible proposals of measures were elaborated as a basis for further long-term monitoring.

  • Application of Incidence Matrix in Conditional Composition of Levelling Nets

    Michal Mudra

    The main part of this article is devoted to a modified method for calculating levelling nets based on nullifying conditional equations. This modified method consists in ordering the measured data in the so-called incidence matrix, and the main acceleration of the computation process is achieved by an automated set-up of conditional equations and subsequent calculations. A part of this article comprises a comparison of this modified method with a method where conditional equations are set up in a standard way.

  • Some Aspects of Safe De-Stimulation of Self Heating of Coal

    Stanisław Trenczek

    The paper presents a multi-componential set of both internal and external stimulants that contribute to the process of coal self-heating. Special attentions is paid to the importance of detailed analysis and examination of existing levels of stimulants for the purpose of adequate addressing of fire-protecting measures to achieve efficient de-stimulation. Among preventive actions against endogenous fires the prophylactic and de stimulating measures are extremely essential, where prophylactics is understood as optimization of componential factors on the stage of design and development of mining operations whilst de stimulation means counteracting against activity of stimulants. Therefore importance of thorough analysis of the existing fire stimulants must be discussed in order to find out the most efficient de stimulating measures. Selected characteristics of inert gases and water are presented with special regard to adverse and hazardous side effects that may occur under specific circumstances. Finally, comparison of beneficial and adverse effects is made for the cases when inert gases and /or water are applied.

2007, Volume LIII, Issue No.1, ISSN 1802-5420
  • Seismicity In Bushveld – Problems Experienced At Impala Platinum Mines Limited No. 10 Shaft (South Africa)

    Petr Miovsky, Johann Scheepers

    No.10 Shaft is one of thirteen operating shafts within the Rustenburg section of Impala Platinum Limited. With increasing depth of mining, the level of seismic activity also increases. Unlike deep South African gold mines, where seismic events are mainly generated as shear type events on geological discontinuities, seismic activity on No. 10 Shaft results from crush type and mixed mechanism type events. This paper ties to explain these phenomena.

  • The Question Of Reliability Of Closing Seals In The Coal Mines In The Usa

    Pavel Prokop

    The paper deals with the problem of closing seals in coal mines. After several accidents in Sago, Darby and other mines in the USA the explosion destructed the seals completely. This raised a question of what resistance is necessary for their construction. I would like to express my opinion that the request of federal safety regulation to achieve the resistance of seal of 20 pounds per square inch, which corresponds to the European 0,138 MPa (MegaPascal) is dangerous. If the temperature in the area before explosion is for example 15°C, then after the explosion it can reach up to 2 650°C. After recalculation the absolute temperature of mixture before and after the explosion can be 288 K to 2 923 K. Gases then increase during explosion in volume more than 10 times. According to Mariott law, the original pressure of 0.1 MPa must increase 10 times as much, up to 1 MPa. The seals should be designed, as the prevailing opinions claim, to this pressure value.

  • Determination Of A Matrix Column Of Air Volume Output Sensitivity To Changes In Side Branches Resistance In A Mine Ventilation Network

    Marian Kolarczyk

    Ventilation networks in collieries are exposed to production-induced or accidental changes in air volume distribution evoked by various factors, including planned, accidental or emergency changes in side branches resistance. The distributed air reacts to such changes, which may have a negative impact on the state of hazards eliminated by ventilation methods. The propagation of disturbances in ventilation systems in collieries may be analyzed by simulated computations of air volume distribution in the ventilation network. In the analysis of the disturbance pattern propagation, methods utilizing the theory of sensitivity are useful. The discussed method of determining a matrix column of air output sensitivity to changes in side branches resistance is useful in the solution of many problems occurring in ventilation net-works in collieries.

  • Current Principles And Importance Of Technical Harmonization In The EU For Technical Standardization

    Bronislava Horáková

    The basic principle of the technical standardization is to ensure market development via formation of unified technical rules for all the concerned subjects. The information and communication technology industry is characteristic by certain specific features as opposed to the traditional industry. These features impose new demands on the standardization domain, mainly the flexibility, i.e. ability to react to the rapidly developing ICT market very flexibly. The goal of this paper consists in presenting a comprehensive overview of the current system of technical harmonization and standardization in the European Union and impact on the member states.

  • Sandstones Petrographic And Porosity Parameters Interpretation With Use Of Compositional Data Analysis

    Małgorzata Labus

    In this paper is tested a possibility of implementation of a statistical method: Compositional Data Analysis in the interpretation of porosity measurement data and petrographic data of rocks. The sampled rocks were Polish building sandstones divided into 4 groups related to a geological region or a stratigraphical position. Porosity analysis performed for 35 sandstone samples include measurement of effective porosity, dynamic porosity as well as the pore area parameters. The results of the analyses were interpreted with the use of CDA. This same procedure was used when the porosity date were correlated to mineral composition of the sandstones.