2006, Volume LII, No.1
  • Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy 1

    Jaroslav Dvořáček, Radmila Sousedíková

    This paper has been based on analysing changes of capital structures of mining enterprises operating in the Ostrava-Karvina coal district. These enterprises operated in red for longer periods of time that constituted reason for their closure in the nineties of the past century. In this paper’s opinion, it is disturbances of free capital circulation that constitute economic reasons for terminating business activities. These disturbances are indicated by changed structures of fundamental account documentation, which provides for predicting of corporate failure. To predict default on such grounds, methods of discriminate analysis have been applied that concerned sets of 62 and 124 firms. One half of these firms failed, the other half continued to operate successfully. Also factors are discussed in the paper that have influenced methods and success of default predictions.

  • Evaluation of landscape element changes by means of GIS in former mining districts of Ostrava-Jih, Vítkovice, Moravská and Slezská Ostrava, Přívoz, Radvanice and Bartovice

    Marian Marschalko, Konstantin Raclavský, Vojtech Dirner

    The paper deals with the results of an analysis of landscape element changes, such as forests, water areas, agricultural areas, built-up areas, anthropogenic structures in the selected area. The applied method makes use of the possibilities of Geographical Information Systems, terrain observation, documentation and study of archives. The starting time period for which the landscape character analysis was carried out is the year of 1946 (military aerial photos) and the present time (last maps -1996). The research is localized in the selected area of the city of Ostrava, which has been affected by former mining of black coal. Ostrava, which is situated in the north-east of the Czech Republic, belongs among the worst affected European regions, with regard to landscape and environmental changes, and thus it is suitable for the above-mentioned research. The overall project was divided into nine model areas (1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c), while this paper evaluates a partial model area of 2c, which is defined by the aerial photos No. 655, 657 and 659 from 1946. Namely they are Ostrava-Jih, Vítkovice, Moravská and Slezská Ostrava, Přívoz, Radvanice and Bartovice. The mentioned methodology was applied in the interest area for the first time and thus the results are awaited by the expert public.

  • Change of dustforming ability of a coal layer in production field of Vlastiny operations

    Vladimir Artamonov, Yevgeny Nikolayev, Irina Borshch

    The solution of scientific and technical task on improving of dust and gas formation after blasting operation in the final sections of faces is given. The solution implies prevention of harmful and dangerous dust and explosive gases appearance at the expense of dustforming ability change of coal layer and adsorptive coal dust ability decrease by means of change of physical and mechanical properties of coal by hydroeffect.

  • Possibilities of rivers system restoration of small watercourses – resolving examplify in two case studies

    Hana Kretová, Jana Nováková

    In this submitted publication some of ways and means of restoration of inundation meandring streams with far disturbed conditions of watercourse, banks and wateshed are provided. Methods of restoration are presented into two case studies. The first study of water of Pustějovský stream result from detailed evaluation of water quality, the second study of watershed of Mezidolní stream is based on analysis of structure of landscape.

  • The Komplexation of mercury by humic acids

    Vlasta Štefanidesová, Martina Malcharková

    The samples of soil P and of the river sediment S were divided into five fractions by means of the sieve analysis (> 10; 2 – 10; 0.63 – 2; 0.2 – 0.63; < 0.2 mm) and the concentration of mercury was determined. The results show that the highest contents of mercury were in the finest fractions of the samples of soil and sediment too. Also, the dependence of the mercury content on the loss by ignition (organic matter) was observed. The mercury content was higher with a higher value of the loss by ignition at the sediment but not at the samples of soil. The humic acids were extracted in compliance with the Czech national standard ČSN norm. With regard to the low concentration of mercury in the observed samples and to the low concentrations of humic acids, no relation was found between the mercury concentration and the humic acids concentration. By means of the second method (Wallschläger), no humic acids were extracted. Sulphur and carbon were determined in the samples. The samples of the soils with higher sulphur concentration had higher mercury concentration too. The relation was not found at the samples of sediment. No relation was found between mercury content and carbon content at both the types of samples. The correlation is very good in the cases of the dependencies of mercury content on the sulphur content of the soil, on the particle size of the sediment, and on loss by ignition of the sediment. (Correlation coefficient 0.7). As for the other dependencies, the correlation was very low and the correlation coefficient had, in fact, null value.

  • Landslide of sandstone blocks with the surface of sliding running on the layer of underlying claystones - One of Type Slope Deformation Model in Carpathian Flysch

    Marian Marschalko

    The essence of the study is the knowledge broadening concerning various stability processes in the slopes of the Carpathian flysch, which is one of the most active geological unites in the Czech and Slovak Republic as far as slope deformations are concerned. The aim of the grant is the qualification of the factors essential in the landslide type gravitational movement in the slopes of the Carpathian flysch. For this purpose, several basic type models of the slope geological structure were chosen in the first phase. In the following phases, the relationships between the degree of stability on one side and internal friction angle, cohesion, saturation, slope gradient and the on the other side, were analyzed. The partial study (in this article) deals with only one of them (Landslide of sandstone blocks with the surface of sliding running on the layer of underlying claystones). From analysing the results it follows that it is the saturation of the slope, the saturation of layers and the gradient of slopes that affect the stability most; the angle of internal friction and cohesion having a lesser influence.

2006, Volume LII, No.2
  • Development of the Information System of Geological Localities

    Jan Jelínek, Jiří Ardielli, Jakub Jirka, Vlastimil Kajzar

    The Information System of Geological Localities was developed within the framework of the internal grant project of Faculty of Mining and Geology at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava (IGS 2101/541). The designed information system provides for storing, processing and analyzing data from various fields of geology. For comprehensible and graphically transparent interpretation of spatial data the MapServer system is used. The PDA application was developed as a subsystem for the fieldworks. It is the system, where data from database is modified to simpler form for the work with PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The locality can easily be found in the field by means of basic data transformed to PDA (maps, locality position, description of the locality, etc.) and GPS navigation. On the other hand, developed PDA-application enables to add new locality located by the GPS to the information system, or edit data about localities stored in database. Function of the whole system is directly dependent on filling the database with verified data. Sufficiently filled database contributes to time saving not only in searching for data about geological locality, but also in searching for a locality in the field.

  • The Brown coal – strategic raw material in primary sources of electricity production in the CR

    Václav Kryl

    The role of coal industry is not clear in the world and in the Czech Republic either. The importance of coal as of strategic raw material in the world has already dropped in the 21st century but it is still very important for many economies in the world. Coal industry is irreplaceable in the Czech Republic, too. 3.5 billion tons of hard coal and 0.88 billion tons of brown coal worldwide was mined in the year 2000. The coal is considered strategic in our energy balance, it is a very important element of independence, and it lowers the import of energy from other countries.

  • Hazard exit mine gas to the sewerage system

    Pavla Obručníková

    The paper deals with basic information of solution which aim is to determine risks of escaping gas from underground areas to surface. Conclusion is solution of escaping of gas (especially methane) to sewerage system of the town and possibilities measure this dangerous effect.

  • Possibilities of Titanium Ore Dressing

    Vlastimil Řepka

    The use of titanium in the present technology is very versatile because of its superb properties. Titanium is light, durable, stainless (even in seawater) and acid resistant. The disadvantage is a high reactivity with oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen during metallurgical treatment. These elements even in small concentrations increase titanium hardness and fragility and decrease its formability. It is inevitable to produce titanium using costly manners to protect it from the negative influence of these gases. Almost all the minerals can be obtained from the bedrocks or alluvia using gravitational treatment procedures. In the event of ilmenite as the main titanium ore even the magnetic separation could be successfully used.

  • Monitoring outlet of gas in closed underground in Orlova locality at the drill hole OV 24

    Pavel Zapletal

    The inhibition of mining brings about many of risks in Ostrava-Karviná mining district. The main risk consists in the outlet of gas from the closed mines. This paper comes up with the knowledge of regularities not supported by measurement yet. It mentions especially the outlet of methane depending on barometric pressure.