2012, Volume LVIII, Issue No.4, ISSN 1802-5420
  • Application of Discriminate Analysis to Prediction of Company Future Economic Development

    Radmila Sousedíková, Jaroslav Dvořáček, Igor Savič

    The paper takes into account applications of discriminate analysis as regards prediction of future economic development of companies. An assumption of multivariate normality of discriminators has been tested and outliers identified. An outlier reduction of original data files brings data distribution closer to multivariate normality, and substantially improves discriminate function classification abilities.

  • Effect of Calcination Temperature and Calcination Time on the Kaolinite/TiO2 Composite for Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2

    Martin Reli, Kamila Kočí, Vlastimil Matějka, Pavel Kovář, Lucie Obalová

    The kaolinite/TiO2 composite (60 wt% of TiO2) was prepared by thermal hydrolysis of a raw kaolin suspension in titanyl sulphate and calcined at different temperatures (600, 650 and 700°C) and for different times (1, 2 and 3 h). The obtained samples were characterized by XRPD, N2 physical adsorption and SEM, and tested for photocatalytic reduction of CO2. The different calcination conditions did not influence TiO2 phase composition, only slightly changed the specific surface area, and significantly affected crystallite size of kaolinite/TiO2 composite. A higher temperature and longer duration of calcination lead to higher crystallinity of the powder. The photocatalytic results showed that the crystallite size determined the efficiency of kaolinite/TiO2 photocatalysts.

  • Primary Research of Mine Waters from the Chrustenice Iron-Ore Deposit

    Tomáš Bouchal, Jaroslav Závada, Hana Vojtková, Silvie Langarová, Radim Havelek

    This paper describes the primary research of mine waters in the Chrustenice Iron-ore Deposit. A particular attention is paid here to the research of microorganisms living in that environment. The goal of the research is to analyse mine waters in the area which was abandoned by people more than 45 years ago and to investigate microorganisms and representatives of species present there in the mine waters. The Chrustenice Mine ranked among the biggest and most important iron ore mines in Barrandien. This mine along with the mines in Nučice, Zdice, Nový Jáchymov and Mníšek pod Brdy contributed to the fame of the regional mining industry. Sedimentary oolitic iron ore in Chrustenice consists mostly of red iron ore based on Černín layers, siderite and, to a lesser extent, of haematite and chamosite. In exceptional cases, magnetite is present there. The Černín shale is black clay shale with sandy ingredients and many potash-mica scales. Now, the mine is flooded up to the 8th level. In the remaining area, there is a mining history museum with dozens of exhibits. In samples of the mining water taken on the site, mostly iron, manganese and sulphur microorganisms were identified. The primary study of the mine waters in the iron-ore deposit shows that, from the microbiological point of view, this site is very interesting and many chemolithotrophic species of bacteria are present there.

  • Analysis of the Continual Illumination Measurement in the Area of VSB-Technical University in Ostrava

    Zdeněk Mikulášek, Tomáš Gráf

    We present the results of a deep statistical analysis of the continual measurement of the mean illumination at night in the area of VSB-Technical University in Ostrava. The illumination during 509 nights between the years 2006 to 2009 was studied in detail in relation to the characteristics of a particular night. Using a sophisticated linear model applied to the logarithm of the mean night illumination, we determined the dependence of the night illumination on cloudiness, moon phases, and seasons as well as on snow cover. The model is able to predict the night illumination with quasi-random uncertainty of 0.21 dex. This uncertainty can be caused by hardly quantifiable events like rainfall, snowfall, fog or clouds with different albedo. It can also be a consequence of various human activities that may influence the illumination of sky at night.

  • Research of Financing Technological Equipment in Process of Loading and Transportation of Sand and Gravel

    Lucie Kučerová

    This paper deals with the issue of financing technology investments. Specifically, it concerns the process of loading and transportation of sand and gravel. The research was conducted through a questionnaire survey. The main objective of this paper is to identify financing sources used for the process of loading and transportation of sand and gravel in selected companies. Another objective was to evaluate whether the selected industrial companies outsource the process of loading and transportation or not. If so, it was then necessary to find out the most common reason for that decision. The issues of financing technological processes in loading and transporting sand and gravel is an interesting area that has not yet been mapped.

  • Assessing Relations between Water Supply and Demand in the Odra and Morava River Basins

    Jan Thomas, Miroslav Kyncl, Silvie Langarová

    Periods of drought represent a serious problem in the management of water resources. Currently used climatic models assume the onset of major climatic changes and periods of drought. Irrespective of whether the forecasts will be fulfilled or not, it is essential to prepare measures to ensure the supply of drinking water in dry periods. This paper deals with the preparation of water balances for the areas of the Odra and Morava River basins and the prediction of relationships between water supply and water demand in the given area.

  • Possibilities of Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste

    Vladimír Lapčík, Marta Lapčíková

    The article summarizes possibilities of energy recovery from municipal waste. It describes the history of incineration and energy recovery from municipal waste in Czechoslovakia and then in the Czech Republic. The attention is paid to the three currently operated plants for energy recovery from municipal waste in the Czech Republic (ZEVO Malešice, SAKO Brno and TERMIZO Liberec). The following are the characteristics of the planned plants for energy recovery from municipal waste in the Czech Republic. All these plants operate essentially based on grate boilers with flue gas treatment at the highest technical level. The article also lists other technologies which can be used for energy recovery from municipal waste – these are gasification and pyrolysis units and plasma technology. The conclusion of this contribution is devoted to the current and future situation in the area of energy recovery from municipal waste in the Czech Republic with regard to the applicable legal standards.

  • The Issue of Income from Operating Ukraine Coal Deep Mines

    Jaroslavav Dvořáček, Elena V. Martyaková, Ilona V. Kochura, Radmila Sousedíková, Igor Savič

    This paper focuses on looking for factors that influence the income of deep coal mining operations in Ukraine. The method of discriminate analysis was employed for assessing economic success of the operations. It could be concluded that mining-geological conditions are the most significant cause of influence; the human factor is of lesser importance.

2012, Volume LVIII, Issue No.3, ISSN 1802-5420

    Hana Staňková, Pavel Černota, Miroslav Novosad

    The paper is dedicated to the issues of both planar and spatial transformations with respect to the territory affected by mining activities. The planar transformations have been applied among the planar Otto mine coordinate system, St. Stephen Datum of Cadastre Coordinates, and the Datum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network (hereinafter referred to as JTSK). Here basic transformation characteristics among the above systems are defined. The spatial transformation is performed through a point coordinate conversion between the JTSK and the European Terrestrial Reference System (hereinafter referred to as ETRS89) where conventional relations as well as other conversion possibilities were described. Part of the article is the execution of an experiment of a direct transformation between the St. Stephen Datum of Cadastre Coordinates and the ETRS98 system for the territory of Brno, which was not affected by mining activities. For the above transformation, 8 trigonometric points were used, for which the identity analysis had been done initially. Furthermore, the Interpolation and One Step Transformations were tested, which solve the conversion as divided tasks for both position and heights. The Interpolation Transformation showed better values for residues. The results of the above experiment will be applied for purposes of surveying old mine workings using the GNSS technology.


    Lukáš Snopek, Alois Adamus

    One of the most serious risks associated with mining using mainly underground methods is the risk of mine fires. Causes of these fires can be exogenous (external) or endogenous (internal). The authors of the article pay attention to endogenous fires in coal mines, especially to the timely indication of them. As already mentioned in many contributions, spontaneous combustion is a complicated process that passes, in the final stage, into a mine open fire. The localization of a place of such danger can be done by means of so-called indicator gases that are desorbed from the coal substance at a point of the originating seat of spontaneous combustion. The article deals with a development trend in the use of indicator gases for spontaneous combustion in coal mining. The objective of the authors was to arrange chronically and briefly knowledge of the use of indicator gases both abroad and in the Czech Republic and to provide input information about a research project being dealt with at present.


    Marie Subiková, Rostislav Dandoš

    The article deals with monitoring the stability of the geodetic base Skalka. The introduction of the article briefly describes the history and purpose of the geodetic base Skalka, gradually resulting in the current characteristics of the base. The main part of the article deals with monitoring the stability of points of the inner and partly outer part of the base. The result is the evaluation of performed geodetic works with the assessment of the testing base stability. Identified vertical and horizontal shifts show that the base can be considered stable in terms of both geological and geodetic points of view.


    Lukáš Otte, Vladislav Vančura, Roman Danel, Michal Řepka

    Underground coal mine environment is an environment with dynamic manifestations of methane. In this environment it is quite difficult to control various technological processes occurring therein. The technological process of collapse preventing inertisation is carried out by supply of compressed nitrogen to areas at risk of spontaneous combustion of coal. Petri nets allow the modelling of parallel dynamic systems and systems with discrete time. In conjunction with the software HPSim or WinPeSim, the individual processes can be modelled and then the results processed using a spreadsheet (Excel). Based on the results of the performed simulations, it is then much easier to determine the optimal solution or decision.


    Karel Frydrýšek

    This paper focuses on a numerical analysis of a hard rock (ore) disintegration process. A bit moves into the ore and subsequently disintegrates it. The disintegration (i.e. fracture of ore) is solved via a deterministic approach (FEM) and a probabilistic approach (FEM in combination with the SBRA - Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment method, i.e. Monte Carlo simulations, stochastic inputs). The ore is disintegrated by deactivating the finite elements satisfying fracture conditions. The results are compared with experiments. The application of the SBRA method is a new and innovative trend in this area. Finally, the probabilistic reliability assessment is mentioned.


    Janka Sabová, Katarína Pukanská

    In the development of geodetic solutions and fulfilment of the requirements and needs for completion of construction tasks and achievement of aims, we are often faced with the requirement for expansion of space or higher concentration of points in a particular local point field. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of appropriate completion of the area in question with new geodetic points of the required quality, i.e. with the acceptable 3D accuracy in terms of their comprehensive use for construction and control purposes. The present paper gives a brief outline of establishing new additional geodetic points and ensuring their quality to be compatible with the quality of the existing points in this area so that the use of both groups of points in the respective local point field was homogenous.


    Hana Vojtková, Romana Janulková, Pavla Švanová

    The environment of industrial cities is usually exposed to extreme impacts of anthropogenic contamination originating from fossil fuel combustion, road traffic, industry, ore mining and dressing. The degradation potential of contaminated soils greatly depends on the diversity and function of the microbial ecosystem in the given locality; in individual communities, it is possible to diagnose identical as well as different characteristics of specific bacterial strains. From the real soil samples within the City of Ostrava, namely localities strained by industrial activities, new strains were isolated and compared on the grounds of biochemical identification results using a modern system of BIOLOG MicroStation. Basic characteristics of the new isolated strains are stated, which document their phenotypic diversity not only on the level of the Pseudomonas genus but also on the level of the individual species. The differences in the physiological parameters of isolated strains are attributed to the capacities of the soil microorganisms to adapt to the polluted environment conditions. The paper offers an overview of the significance of phenotypic characterization for identification of microorganisms and their correct taxonomic classification.


    Eva Jiránková

    The method of rigid overlying strata failure assessment of extracted seams is based on the simultaneous assessment of surface subsidence and seismic activity considering spatio-temporal progress of mining depending on the rock mass character and previous mine activity. If no complete failure of the firm overlaying layers occurs, the surroundings of the worked-out area is considerably supercharged and a risk of anomalous geomechanical phenomena occurrence substantially increases. The paper explains the mechanism of a rigid overlying strata failure under specific condition.


    Vojtech Dirner, Jozef Krnáč, Lenka Čmielová, Eva Lacková, Peter Andráš

    Acidity in surroundings of the abandoned Ľubietová-Podlipa Cu-deposit depends predominantly on the geochemical behaviour (weathering) of particular minerals (mainly pyrite). The article presents the results of measurements of basic physicochemical parameters – pH and Eh in technogenic sediments and in surface and drainage water of a dump-field. Although the dump material shows a significant amount of mobility-able metals and thus also a potential to form acidity, a massive AMD formation in future is not probable.

2012, Volume LVIII, Issue No.2, ISSN 1802-5420
  • Contribution to a Magnetite Consumption in the Karviná Mine's Preparation Plant of the Lazy Plant

    Radim Pavlík, Vlastimil Řepka

    In its introduction, this contribution deals with the usage of magnetite during the process of coal separation in the Karviná Mine's preparation plant of the Lazy Plant. Next it deals with the evaluation of quality of magnetite used in the preparation plant, losses of magnetite adhering to the products leaving the preparation plant, the recovery of a diluted suspension with focus on the efficiency of magnetite separation of the diluted suspension and the comparison of the magnetite consumption with the one in the ČSM preparation plant. In conclusions, the article presents options leading to the reduction of the magnetite consumption in the Karviná Mine's preparation plant of the Lazy plant. For comparison, the data of the ČSM Mine is stated here.

  • Contribution of Electrical Resistivity Tomography Applied to the Slope Deformation Survey in Lidečko

    Bladimir Cervantes, Aleš Poláček, Jaroslav Ryšávka

    In the last years, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) has been increasingly used to solve various types of problems in engineering geological survey, geotechnical investigations, etc. It gradually replaces a traditional combination of methods of resistivity profiling (RP) and vertical electrical sounding (VES). This paper provides selected results obtained from the survey of a slope deformation in Lidečko. It brings also some new details about its construction and results of monitoring carried out in the year 2011. The largest landslide hazards result from its position over a water pipeline line, where there is a real risk of a massive landslide of the slope ending in the valley of the Senice River. It is an old landslide reactivated during the floods in the years 1997 and 2006.

  • Institute of Clean Technologies for Mining and Utilization of Raw Materials for Energy Use – a New Potential of Research in Ostrava

    Václav Dombek

    A year ago, in Ostrava, one of the major RDI (Research and Development for Innovation) projects was initiated in the Moravian-Silesian Region, called the Institute of Clean Technologies for Mining and Utilization of Raw Materials for Energy Use. During the first year, many of the top and often unique research laboratories and workplaces were built with a budget of over CZK200m, such as “Workplace of Electron Microprobe”, „Workplace of Tomographic Methods“, “Workplace of Hydrochemistry and Hydrobiology”, “Workplace of Thermal, Hydraulic and Mechanical (THM) Processes in Rocks”, “Workplace of Water Jet”, “Isotope and GC-TOF Laboratory” and many others. This laid the basis for various research programmes with truly extraordinary extent and impact not only on the Czech industry but also economy of other EU member states.

  • Evaluation Methods of SWOT Analysis

    Michal Vaněk, Milan Mikoláš, Kateřina Žváková

    Strategic management is an integral part of top management. By formulating the right strategy and its subsequent implementation, a managed organization can attract and retain a comparative advantage. In order to fulfil this expectation, the strategy also has to be supported with relevant findings of performed strategic analyses. The best known and probably the most common of these is a SWOT analysis. In practice, however, the analysis is reduced to mere presentation of influence factors, which does not allow more precise determination of a strategic concept. The content of the article tries to remove this drawback, submitting for public discussion two possible approaches to evaluate the SWOT analysis providing important information for the selection process of an organization's strategic orientation.

2012, Volume LVIII, Issue No.1, ISSN 1802-5420
  • Efficiency Analysis of Solar Facilities for Building Heating and Household Water Heating under Conditions in the Czech Republic

    Michal Pivko, Simona Jursová, Juraj Turjak

    The paper studies the efficiency of solar facilities applied for the heating of buildings and household water heating in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is situated in the temperate zone characterized by changeable weather. It is respected in the assessment of a solar facility installation. The efficiency of solar facilities is evaluated according to energy and economic balances. It is analyzed for solar facilities heating both household water and buildings. The main problems relating to the implementation of solar facilities and their operation in the temperate zone with hot summer and freezing winter are discussed.

  • Experiments on Rocks under High Pressure Conditions in GTA 20-32 Triaxial Press

    Josef Poláček, Alena Kožušníková

    The paper describes the methodology of measurements in the GTA 20-32 triaxial press. The deformation behaviour of two different types of rocks was compared: • gypsum with plastic deformation even at lower confining pressure, • Carboniferous sandstone with brittle failure even at the highest confining pressure. The influence of gypsum layering was studied as well. The experimental results show that the deformation and strength properties of the gypsum in the triaxial state of stress do not significantly depend on the orientation of axial stress to the observed layering.

  • Coal Market of Ukraine: Analysis and Development Background

    Ilona V. Kochura

    The article analyses factors influencing the Ukrainian coal market. Based on the analysis the preconditions of further development of coal industry in Ukraine are formulated.

  • Remote Sensing Methods in the Identification of Oil Contaminations

    Eva Smejkalová, Petr Bujok

    The article deals with the possibilities of using remote sensing methods for analysis, observation and identification of old ecological hazards caused by petroleum contaminations from insufficiently plugged and abandoned oil wells in the area of Hodonín. It is focused on the description and determination of areas of interests, remote sensing approaches to the problems of petroleum substance detection and establishing the methodology of an acquired data analysis. Moreover, proper methods, algorithms and satellite digital data parameters for this aim are discussed. The article also describes in-situ measurements, technical instruments and further research advancements. Finally, the proposals of the results evaluation, interpretation and complex comparisons with the results of past and future researches in the area of Nesyt - Hodonín are specified.

  • Influence of Reaction Medium on CO2 Photocatalytic Reduction Yields over

    Martin Reli, Marcel Šihor, Kamila Kočí, Petr Praus, Ondřej Kozák, Lucie Obalová

    The reduction of CO2 by photocatalysts is one of the most promising methods since CO2 can be reduced to useful compounds by irradiating it with UV light at room temperature and ambient pressure. The aim of this work was to assess the effect of a reaction media on CO2 photocatalytic reduction yields over ZnS nanoparticles deposited on montmorillonite (ZnS-MMT). Four different reaction media, such as NaOH, NaOH+Na2SO3 (1:1), NH4OH, NH4OH+Na2SO3 (1:1), were tested. The pure sodium hydroxide was better than ammonium hydroxide for the yields of the both gas phase (CH4 and CO) and liquid phase (CH3OH). The addition of Na2SO3 improved methanol yields due to the oxidation prevention of incipient methanol to carbon dioxide. The gas phase yields were decreased by the Na2SO3 addition. The best tested reaction medium for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 was the solution of sodium hydroxide.